Whiskey Shivers – Jealous Heart – Music Video Premiere Party

Events like this are pretty satisfying; there’s noting quite like seeing your work on a gigantic screen in front of an excited audience.  Especially for online distribution content, getting to see it with an audience can be that last bit of fulfillment to let go of a project with a smile.  And this premiere party was excellent in my opinion, mostly because the Scottish Rite Theatre is a gem and within its walls, even a used underwear auction could be transformed into a classy event.  Or a super low budg Americana folk band music video.

For me, it was even more cathartic than usual because I was in charge of playing the video during the event; luckily my laptop didn’t didn’t go to sleep, explode, or transform into a Decepticon during the screening!  John introduced the video, I hit play, and we just stood there waiting to be boo’d and trampled by an angry audience.  But people seemed to like it for the most part and were happy to a part of the premiere of the video.

The last couple days we’ve anxiously been preparing for CMTedge.com to premiere the video online.  Although our hearts are somewhat jealous that CMT is robbing us of all those valuable YouTube views, we don’t want our minds to be filled with worried lies.


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