Love Letter to Light – January 2013

Hopefully this is the first of many monthly video montages of images that I capture on my outings.  The Rules for January were simple: no tripod.  Since this was the first I thought I’d take it easy on myself so I wouldn’t get too discouraged by it.  I came into a crunch time the last couple days where I didn’t want to do much editing or color correction, so I didn’t use any music or edit to any thought stream.  I only corrected the luma curves and saturations on a third of the shots.

I should remember to thank all those pretty photons I captured, and my fellow Austinites who performed their unwitting roles with grace.  I spent quite a bit of time location scouting for a film that has a big surveillance motif so that should help to explain the voyeuristic creepiness.

This was also the first video I’ve ever fully edited using Premiere CS5.  I’ve been dogging the transition out of FCP7.  Premiere has seemed to be the best editor to use next.  Overall I was content in Premiere.  But I’d heard rave reviews about being able to edit DSLR footage natively and it didn’t live up to the hype for my system.  My sandy bridge 2 ghz i7 processor can’t really keep up with my pace of editing, so I was frustrated with poor playback frame rates and slow load times.  I loved that Premiere has more color correction tools than FCP7.  I’ve been aching and moaning and all sorts of other inappropriate verbs for years wishing there was a Luma Curve tool in Final Cut.  Premiere will be a great program to learn, but I’m curious about how I might be able to use Apple Color with it as well.  But there are plenty of great color tools in Premiere as it is.


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