Production Notes/Burrito Review: Daniel Jack Performance Video

John Valley was doing a quick shoot for an Austin singer/songerwriter Daniel Jack and I decided to tag along to bounce some light around.  We had a great time, mostly because the sun was too bright for a couple hours and we had to pass some time by munching on some Tyler Speicher Butter Biscuits (no salt saltines and Economax Creamy Peanut Butter).  Often times these are the most fun shoots because the pressure is very low and everyone is friends with one another.  Although there was a brief altercation when Tyler and John couldn’t resolve whether Pocahontas or Mulan was more B.A.

Afterwards we decided to celebrate by trying out the Super Burrito on Oltorf.  I’d never stopped there because I thought their prices were outrageous and I didn’t really like the branding.  BUT Daniel Jack was adamant about Super Burritos superness, so I ordered a San Diego and split it with Tyler who tried the Gyro Burrito.  The Gyro Burrito is interesting because its both cold and warm, savory and sweet, and not in a bad way; perhaps not a great way though either.  The San Diego is a great concoction though, its a beef burrito stuff with fries and sour cream.  I might have them do the catering at my wedding with just San Diego Burritos.


Production Notes: Bedroom Studio ‘PRO’ Pitch

John Valley is submitting a pitch for a television series in the ATX Television Festival.  Anywho, I liked the idea for his show more than I liked sitting on my butt in front of my computer going through OKCupid profiles, so I thought I’d help him film his pitch.  As per usual, we shot it in my bedroom, and yes mom, he was wearing pants the whole time (although I currently am not).  I’m always rather smitten with life when we’re able to shoot things in my bedroom without the necessity of a ‘studio’ space.

Production Notes: Riverwalk Battle of the Bands Competition

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to be asked back to the San Antonio Riverwalk to film another of their events.  The way these jobs usually work is they tell me to show up on the Riverwalk at a particular time, I get there and start filming as much awesome stuff as I can find, then later I’ll edit together the nice shots with some VO that Mike Roberts records.  And this shoot was SUPER FUN!  The audience at the Arneson River Theatre was in a great mood despite the worse than usual Texas humidity.  In fact, the audience was in such a great mood that I was confident enough to ask many of them to pose for shots.  I decided to shoot using the compact and unassuming T3i rather than the get-that-giant-camera-away-from-my-face HVX200 that I usually use.  Good choice, people didn’t mind one bit!  I include a few uncorrected screen grabs of the footage; one of them shows off what I call (in all my light obsessed dorkyness) ‘Pineapple Sunset’ because sometimes around dusk the golden sunset hits cloud cover in just the right way to bathe the world in a pineapple sort of light, the photo doesn’t quite capture the color, we can thank Canon for that… 🙂